Business Issues in Divorce

If you are a business owner going through a divorce, concern over the future of your business and livelihood can weigh heavily. If you are the non-operating spouse, you may have similar concerns over preserving your interest in the enterprise.

The process of determining each spouse's value in a business need not be daunting. Typically, a skilled "forensic accountant" is engaged jointly or by your attorney alone to identify and value separate property and community property interests, and to determine income available from the business (for payment of support, if applicable). A variety of means can be utilized to equalize the division of assets and provide security until the division is complete, when a business is awarded to the operating spouse. At times, conflict between spouses relating to business management or revenue during the above process can require prompt and skilled action by your legal counsel.

Working with A Business-Savvy Attorney

I have extensive experience representing business operators as well as their spouses in dissolution of marriage and legal separation actions, and frequently am involved with:

  • Collaborating with forensic accountants and other professionals to accurately characterize and value the community and/or separate property interests in the business
  • Developing interim operating agreements and other means to resolve inter-spousal management disputes and avoid receivership
  • Determining income available from the business for payment of child and/or spousal support (if applicable)
  • Helping clients understand and evaluate all available options

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