High-Net-Worth Divorce

Although the legal processes are generally the same, high-asset dissolution of marriage (or legal separation) actions tend to be more complex and require greater skill and breadth of legal knowledge than those of smaller marital estates. Multiple or high-value business interests, real property investments, trust beneficiary interests, valuable collections, livestock, and similar assets can involve unique legal and factual issues.

High-net-worth divorces often involve an early determination of the enforceability of existing written agreements/transfers between the parties. It is also not uncommon to discover that substantial funds and other assets were transferred or gifted to a third party without the other spouse's knowledge during marriage or upon separation. A lawyer, like myself, who is experienced with high-asset marital cases, is best suited to protect your rights and interests relating to all of the above.

What Sets My Firm Apart

Before founding the Law Office of Linda D. States, I spent a decade serving primarily high-net-worth individuals. Now, I apply that experience and skill for the benefit of my solo practice clients. Specifically, I offer the following:

Collaboration with other professionals: Throughout my career, I have developed good working relationships with forensic accountants, appraisers and other financial professionals. I collaborate with these individuals to ensure that marital estates are accurately characterized and valued.

Effective use of discovery: I frequently utilize the legal discovery process as a means of obtaining records necessary to expose hidden assets and fraudulent transfers, and to obtain information necessary for settlement or trial. If a breach of fiduciary duty has occurred, then I work to remedy the issue and/or seek damages.

Knowledge of trusts: Irrevocable trusts arise frequently in high-asset divorce cases, and differ substantially from revocable family trusts. I frequently work with trusts of different types in dissolution of marriage actions and subsequent support modifications.

Unparalleled experience with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: These agreements are common in high-asset divorce cases, and I have the knowledge and experience to advise and represent my clients regarding any validity/enforcement issues. Read more about my qualifications in this area on my prenuptial agreements page.

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