Spousal Support

There are few issues in divorce as polarizing and financially impactful as spousal support. For the higher earner, spousal support can be a substantial and long term obligation that constrains ability to move forward after a split. For the lower earner, spousal support can be a critical lifeline to maintain some degree of a normalcy after a marriage ends.

The Basics

Spousal support is a complex area of the law, due in part to the possibility (under certain circumstances) of shifting to the recipient responsibility for payment of income tax on spousal support payments. Temporary spousal support, available while a divorce in pending, is typically based upon the same guideline formula as child support. Post-judgment spousal support (sometimes called permanent support) is based upon different law and factors. The amount, duration and modifiability of post-judgment spousal support can be a challenge to negotiate and/or litigate due to the many factual issues and subjective legal criteria involved.

Advantages of Representation

The impact of spousal agreements and/or judge-rendered orders can be profound and lasting for both parties. The assistance of a knowledgeable attorney can be essential to navigate this technical and complex subject to ensure your best interests are protected.

At the Law Office of Linda D. States, I have many years of experience representing clients in obtaining favorable spousal support orders, by agreement or litigation. I work closely with my clients to develop a cost-effective strategy in determining income and presenting other relevant factors. This can often include discovery and review of income records, forensic analysis of business income available, addressing underemployment issues or claims, and assessing regular gifting, trust funds and reasonable rate of return from assets, etc.

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